Snake climbing myth busted

A Queensland snake catcher has dispelled the myth that snakes are primarily landbound and capturing photographic proof that they actually climb.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 was called out to a job at Nambour, where he found a red bellied black snake climbing the face of a rock wall.

“One of the buggiest myths we hear on jobs is that venomous snakes can’t climb,” Mr McKenzie posted online.

“This is certainly not true! Many species of venomous snakes have climbing abilities – even though a lot of the time we see venomous snake cruising around on the ground, it doesn’t mean they don’t use those climbing abilities from time to time when on the move for food, shelter or water.”

Mr McKenzie said even with the severe wet weather Australia’s east coast has been having, snakes are still out and about with the rain and heat causing string humidity.

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