25 thoughtful and fun tech gifts under $100

25 thoughtful and fun tech gifts under $100

A set of trackers to keep tabs on belongings


Trackers are one of the most practical tech gifts you can give. Once they’re paired, your giftee can use their phone to make the trackers send them a notification to help find a lost item, or show the tracker’s last known location on a map.

One Tile Mate Tracker, one Tile Slim Tracker, and two Tile Stickers, $69.99, available at Amazon

This pack comes with one Tile Slim, which is thin enough to slip into a wallet, one Tile Mate, which has loops so it can fit onto key rings, and two Tile Stickers, which can be attached to a remote or other electronic device. 

One Apple AirTag, $29, available at Apple

Apple’s AirTags are the best option for Apple users and have a big advantage over Tile tags. That’s because AirTags can ping off iOS devices, whereas Tile tags ping off other Tile tags. In turn, that means an AirTag and the object it’s attached to is more likely to be pinged by a one or several of the billion iPhones in the world.

Read our Apple AirTag review here.

One Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, $29.99, available at Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags are ideal for Samsung phone users, as each tag can ping off a Samsung Galaxy phone in the same way that Apple’s AirTags work. There’s a huge number of Samsung Galaxy phone users out there, so the chances that your Galaxy Smart Tag would get discovered is high.


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