44 houghtful gift card gifts they will actually appreciate

44 houghtful gift card gifts they will actually appreciate

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  • Gift cards are ideal when you’re down to the wire or you’re at wit’s end over what to gift someone.
  • To make things even easier, we’ve rounded up 43 digital gift cards that can be delivered by email.
  • Still looking for a gift? Check out our list of the All-Time Best products we’ve ever tested.

Gift cards are always safe options when you’re not quite sure what to get someone and are trying to avoid giving them something they don’t need. As long as you pick a suitable gift card, they won’t be perceived as impersonal.

A gift card is also a great last-minute gift option that’ll actually arrive on time — especially with most brands offering e-gift cards that deliver via email in seconds. We curated 44 digital gift cards that’ll work for anyone, whether they’re a music lover or a coffee fan.

Here are the 44 best gift cards to give for any occasion


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