The best beard trimmers in 2021

The best beard trimmers in 2021

  • A good beard trimmer should be precise, versatile, safe, and easy to use.
  • We rounded up our favorites, below. 
  • Our favorites are from Philips Norelco, Panasonic, and Wahl because they tick off all the boxes.

The best beard trimmer should keep your facial hair from looking unkempt, properly cutting all the hair after just a few passes.

There are a few things you should consider before buying a beard trimmer. After all, different people have different beards and styles, and you might even be looking for something that you can use for other areas of body hair, too. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Corded or cordless: Each beard trimmer you run into will fall into one of two categories: It’ll either be corded or cordless. There are advantages to both. Corded trimmers don’t require you to charge up or replace batteries, while cordless ones don’t require a power outlet and are more portable.
  • Attachments: Beard trimmers often come with a range of attachments, and how you want to use your beard trimmer could dictate the attachments you need. You’ll want to think about how long your beard is, along with whether you want to use the trimmer for hair elsewhere – like the hair on the top of your head or in your nostrils.
  • Waterproofing: Some people prefer to do their shaving in the shower to make for an easier cleanup, or to simply wash their trimmer under the tap after shaving. If that’s you, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting a waterproof device.

And, of course, the beard trimmer should be safe to use. After research and real-life usage, we have narrowed down the list of our favorite beard trimmers.

Here are the best beard trimmers we’ve tested in 2021:

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