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Wanting to pursue your education or career in a foreign English-speaking country? Don’t be afraid and hone your English communication skills through the TOEFL exam. TOEFL, also known as the Examsnap  ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’, is one of the world’s most premiere English-proficiency assessments. The good thing with it is that through its Internet-Based Testing (iBT), the whole process has been made easier and more accessible. You can take the exam from home and work your way towards your future career abroad. 

Aside from that, registering for TOEFL Exam entitles you to an official free practice test that is very much helpful in improving your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. Here’s why practice tests are the best way towards passing the assessment and achieving your goals.

  • They help you write effectively and convincingly

In this module of Examsnap  TOEFL, you will be checked on how you make a response and position basing on a given situation. Some of the tasks will assess your integrative and summarization skills. With practice tests, you’ll improve these competencies since you’ll familiarize yourself with different essays and will train to write yours. The guides and different strategies provided in mocks will teach you correct and effective writing methods according to the test rubric and some tips on creating good content. Through this, you will be able to advance your writing technique. 

  • They improve your reading comprehension

Within this section, you must be quick but efficient in reading several passages. You must not spend too much time just to be sure you understand each statement. Instead, grasp the main idea and what the author is trying to convey, and this will be a big part of what you’re required to do. Hence, when answering the questions, you can easily identify what is being asked. But just a little caveat, don’t be too quick so as not to skip reading some parts and important facts visit 

  • They help you capture important information when listening

You have to be very attentive when listening to recordings in the TOEFL test. Train those ears and minds of yours of identifying the salient points discussed. If you have sample questions for a certain recording, underline keywords in the questionnaire and take note of how these words are used. Also, listen closely to the emotion or motivation conveyed by the speaker as it is part of the task as well.

  • They train your chain of thought

The speaking part of Examsnap TOEFL may feel like an oral interview but without an interviewer. You will only be stating your answer, which will be recorded, directly through a microphone. So be sure that that emotion can still be conveyed through your voice. Speak coherently, concisely, and clearly. Listen to various sample-speaking sections in practice tests to advance your speaking and articulation skills.


The Examsnap TOEFL test is mostly taken by non-native English speakers dreaming of getting into prestigious foreign universities and academies. Acing it is your great pass towards the admission officials. For this to happen, obtain reliable practice tests and develop your skills to the fullest.

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